Dhoti Kurta – The Comfortable and A Stylish Outfit For Men

Dhoti is a traditional garment that is worn by men in India. It resembles a skirt when worn due to its structure—a rectangular piece of unstitched fabric that spans 4.5 meters long. Dhoti is wrapped around the legs and waist, then knotted at the waist. The garment is common in many Indian states like Telangana, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh. Dhoti can be worn with a kurta, another kind of traditional Indian clothing for men that resembles long pajamas.

Dhoti kurta has been around for centuries in the form of kurta churidar or the traditional kurta pajama, but it became more popular and stylish with changes in the overall design and the bottom. Dhoti kurta is very comfortable without compromising style. Regular dhoti kurta has an elegant design, yet the fabric is just right for casual days. Designer dhoti kurta is available for weddings and other formal occasions. Brocade and silk are commonly preferred for special and formal occasions.

Contemporary designers are creating fresh dhoti kurta designs for the modern wearer. Designer dhoti kurta combines the ethnic Indian dhoti and a kurta, resulting in one loose and airy ensemble that is both comfortable and opulent. The best dhoti kurta is made of high-quality fabrics like art dupion, dupion jacquard silk, poly dupion, banarasi giccha, brocade, and tuffeta. Designers make sure that dhoti kurta looks sophisticated for the modern gentleman.

Designers like to preserve ethnicity and tradition in their dhoti kurtas. Traditional craftsmanship is still practiced in creation and selection of the fabrics and in the stitching, ensuring that each piece lasts a long time. Even contemporary designs and embroidery still reflect traditional culture, as well as the dedication and sincerity of the designers to their profession.

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Choose the Best from the Exquisite Collection of Indian Wedding Sarees And Bridal Lehengas Choli

Indian bridal dresses are beautiful and elegant with their elaborate designs and luxurious fabrics. An exquisite collection of Indian wedding clothing is now available online, and you can browse them at your own pace and choose the right one to wear for your big day. Designer sarees and lehengas choli are among the most popular kinds of Indian dresses for weddings.

Wedding sarees are graceful and feminine. They are specially designed for the occasion, so they appear more elaborate and luxurious, often thicker and heavier than every day versions. A saree is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around your body and draped over the left shoulder, and it is worn with a plain blouse or a petticoat underneath. Sarees are usually five to nine meters long, but they can also be designed to be longer for additional flair and style.

Casual sarees are typically made of lightweight and comfortable fabrics like cotton, but for your wedding, the ideal saree should be an embroidered brocade fabric. Bridal sarees are known to be more elaborate and luxurious. They can have bold prints and lovely patterns that reflect the culture, tradition, and the preference of the bride, but they can also be made with contemporary prints and colors.

A bride who prefers a bolder and traditional look that embraces her ethnicity may prefer to wear a bridal lehengas choli. It is a glamorous and more modern alternative to traditional and elegant sarees. Designers make long ghagra or lehenga bottoms that flare downward to go with a tight-fitting blouse or choli. A matching dupatta finishes the look.

Lehenga is a long, pleated skirt that is usually embroidered or made to be thicker towards the bottom. The traditional lehenga for weddings features fully embroidered details that are specifically designed for the bride.

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Indian Dresses Online – Getting an Indian Traditional Dress Is Now A Matter Of Few Clicks

Indian dresses are not necessarily boring and traditional. They can be trendy and stylish to wear, too. Contemporary designs make them popular even with western women who want to flaunt a unique style. Indian dresses like tunics or the salwar kameez can be worn for any occasion, whether in a casual meet or a semi-formal event. You can browse a wide selection of Indian traditional dresses and purchase them online.

There are stores specializing in selling high-quality and designer Indian dresses online. They make it easy to browse exclusive collections of traditional Indian clothing and contemporary Indo-western clothing that suits your taste and needs. Designer salwar kameez and sarees, tunic tops, and embroidered dresses with elaborate designs can now be purchased conveniently over the internet and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Traditional Indian outfits are preferred for cultural and traditional gatherings and occasions, so they are never truly out of fashion. They are still in demand around the world. Women can easily shop for Indian dresses online and be sure that they are getting high-quality traditional clothing that is made of high-quality fabric, sequins, embroidery work, gemstones, jewels, and zari. Those factors make Indian dresses look and feel opulent, so the wearer can look stunning and luxurious.

If you want to buy Indian dresses online, be sure to choose a reputable shop that offers free shipping within India for more savings. If you live overseas, look for an online store that ships to all countries, including the UK, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, and Canada. Choose to buy from an online store with a secure checkout process that can protect your privacy and credit card details.

It is easy to browse through a wide range of Indian dresses online. The best online stores that sell Indian apparel have user-friendly websites with categorized products, so you can easily find what you need in every color, style, design, or fabric.

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Wedding Sherwani — How to Make the Right Choice?

Gold Silk Brocade Designer Sherwani (NMK-1902)Just like the bride’s wedding dress, groom’s wedding attire needs to be paid equal attention. Despite other preparation of your wedding, don’t miss to take out time for selecting the right wedding dress. If you are looking for an elite outfit, wedding sherwani can be a perfect choice. Designer sherwani is a must buy for a groom to be.

Sherwanis are the top choice among Indian bridegrooms. Selecting the right sherwani is of critical importance. For this, there are many important considerations that need to be made. Let’s take a look.

  1. An important aspect to consider when picking a wedding sherwani for you is the material. Wedding sherwani looks elite when made from silk, brocade and other high end fabrics. Don’t compromise with the fabric of the sherwani as it has to be worn for long hours. If the fabric is low quality, it will make your sherwani look nothing less than pathetic.
  2. Wedding outfits are designed so luxuriously that it gets impossible to wear them after the marriage. So choose a sherwani that gives a rich look along with being classy and a comfortable feel so that it can be worn in future on other occasions.
  3. Another important factor to consider while shopping for a wedding sherwani is the budget. Make sure that you stick to the budget you have decided and that you are getting the optimum dress that’s worth the price.
  4. If you are opting for elaborate designs, make sure to choose a cut that flatters you. You also need to check if the outfit complements with that of the bride’s dress.

These are some handy tips that will help you in making the right choice. If you are planning to buy men’s sherwani for your wedding day, check out our exclusive collection. You can choose from the different styles and colors and pick the one that best suits your personality.

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Accessories That Go Well with a Wedding Sherwani

Indian weddings are popular all over the world for their grandeur and glitter. Along with the bride, the groom also has to look his best on their wedding day. Brides generally prefer wearing a lehenga on their big day and the most obvious choice for a groom’s wedding attire is a sherwani.

Green Antique 2 Toned Giccha Silk Designer Sherwani (NMK-1905)

Although, simply wearing a sherwani is not enough, you need to team it up with various accessories to complete your look. Some of the essential elements to complement a groom’s wedding attire are:

  • Team up your sherwani with mojaris to get a complete traditional look. You can choose from a variety of colours as well as stone and beads embellishments. If you want to go for a simpler look, buy a golden or a silver mojari with resham work on it.
  • A sherwani looks incomplete without a glittering brooch on it. Go for a simple sherwani with little embellishments and pin up a sparkling brooch to enhance its look. You can choose from a pearl or a platinum brooch to get a classy look or go with the traditional gemstone studded brooch.
  • A turban is an essential in a groom’s shopping list. It accentuates the look of the groom. Grooms generally choose a turban which matches well with their sherwani. You can even jazz up your turban by adding a kalgi for a royal look.
  • To attain a royal look for your wedding, you can accessorize your sherwani with a pearl necklace. The layered pearl necklace gives you the desired Maharaja look.

If an Indian wedding sherwani is carefully teamed up with the right accessories, it is the most appropriate attire to be worn by the groom. Make sure you choose a sherwani that has a rich & heavy look, but at the same time is comfortable enough to be worn at later events as well.



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Things to Consider When Buying Kurtas For Men

Off White Cotton Regular Kurta Pajama (NMK-2275)Ethnic Indian wear is highly popular across the globe. The use of bright colours, the unique pattern and the beautiful designs differentiate Indian attires from the rest of the world. Not only women’s clothing but also ethnic wear for men has become a fashion rage among the people worldwide.

Kurta pyjamas are an ideal choice for traditional functions or any other formal occasion. This traditional wear looks stunning due to its detailing and intricacy. They are available in all sizes with a variety of designs, shades and styles on various online stores at unbelievably low prices.

You need to keep a few things in mind when buying the perfect kurta pyjama for yourself. Go for online stores that have a large number of positive reviews from the buyers. It is always a safe bet to purchase from a place where there is less likely to be any error regarding your garments. Always measure your size before placing an order to avoid misfit. Also, only buy from an online store that has a reasonable refund and exchange policy.

Opt for a style that suits your body type and adds to the charm. Make sure that you buy a colour that suits you well and matches with your complexion. Also, when it comes to the choice of colours you should always make the selection keeping in mind the time of the event. For example, for a function that takes place during the day, you should choose a light colour and for a night event go for a dark colour. The fabric, design, colour and other aspects of the kurta are generally mentioned along with an image of the product to make it easier for the buyers to make a choice.

If you want to buy mens kurta pyjama at great prices, visit our online store. Check out our vast collection of mens wear and make your pick according to your taste and preference.



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How to Choose the Best Wedding Sherwani?

Beige Zari Jaquard Designer Sherwani (NMK-2105)Sherwani is the preferred traditional outfit for grooms at Indian weddings. It is a classic example of style and splendor offering a regal classy look to any groom. It is usually paired with a stole, bandhni pagri and mojris.

However buying a sherwani in no child’s play, especially when it is purchased for a specific occasion like wedding. There are a lot of factors that you need to take into account when buying a sherwani for a groom, and more importantly, you have to make sure that it comes at a reasonable price too.

  1. Make sure that the color you choose matches with your skin tone. Red, maroon and golden are some of the most popular colors that are widely chosen by grooms for their special day. However, you can also opt for sober colors like off-white, cream, brown and gray. Many grooms prefer black color also. A light colored sherwani with a large deign or embroidery will not look good on a groom with heavy body type. If you have a slim body type, you should avoid wearing a dark colored sherwani with small designs.
  2. Make sure that the color of the sherwani you are buying doesn’t clashes with the color of your bride’s dress. Clashing of the colors might end up making you both look awkward.
  3. For a perfect look, it is necessary to get the sherwani tailored from the best couturier to fit your body instead of buying it from a readymade shop. The pattern should also suit you. If you have a slim body type, then go for the sherwani with padded shoulders so that you look well built.
  4. Don’t forget to complement your sherwani with accessories like ghatsholas, matching stole and mojris as they can add grace to your look.

If you are looking for wedding sherwani for men online, you can count upon us. We have an abundant variety of traditional and designer sherwanis that will best complement your body, style, complexion, etc.



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Kurta Pajama — The Popular Indian Ethnic Wear

Lemon Art Dupion Designer Kurta Pajama (NMK-2187)Kurta Pajama is considered one of the most popular Indian ethnic wears for men. A typical kurta pajama includes a loose drawstring trousers and a long loose shirt almost reaching the knees. It can be worn as a formal, causal and even nightwear. Although the Western wear is gaining more and more popularity, kurta pajama is still a hit among the Indian people.

Kurta pajama is made using only soft material fabrics as it is supposed to be a comfortable loose fitting dress. Other than good quality cotton, other fabrics like silk, satin, brocade and jacquard are also used. Kurta pajama is usually preferred in neutral shades, as they give a very dignified look. White, maroon, beige and cream are the most preferred color options. Shades of blue, green, pink, brown, black and gray are also in vogue these days.

The aesthetic look of kurta pajama is enhanced by using Chikankari and other traditional methods of embroidery. It is given a rich look with various heavy embellishments of resham, sequins, zari, beads, stones, crystals and other fine embroidery work on kurta. You can choose as per your need ranging from sober to heavy embellished ones, and from simple to designer ones.

When buying kurta pajama for men, you should find about the various styles and cuts of kurta pajama available in the market. The most common pattern is the straight cut with side pockets. But it is also available in trendy and stylish designer cuts and patterns of collar, neckline, cuffs, pockets, sleeves, etc. You should go for the one that accentuates your look.

The accessories make kurta pajama a complete and rich ethnic wear. Kolhapuri chappals are the most preferred footwear for this type of attire. Stole are best suited on semi-formal and wedding events.

If you are looking for kurta pajama at good prices, purchasing online is the best way. You will find a wide range of Indian men clothing online. Make your pick according to your preference and budget.



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Sherwani – Traditional Indian Dress for Men

Dark Gold Dupion Designer Sherwani (NMK-2109)Indian clothing is known for its grace, elegance and comfort making it popular worldwide. For an Indian groom, Sherwani is the most popular dressing option signifying style and elegance. The Indian equivalent of a western suit, Sherwani is quite similar to a coat, but it is long and is usually worn over a churidar.

Sherwanis are available in a plethora of styles. Here are some of them.

  • Achkan – It is lightweight and has long sleeves giving a coat-like appearance.
  • Chipkan – This style has been into fashion since the Mughal period. The upper half of the Sherwani fits closely to the body while the lower part has the shape of a frock with a large circumference that ends above the knees.
  • Jacket Sherwani – This type of Sherwani includes a set of three – the Sherwani, the jacket and churidar pajama.
  • Angrakha Sherwani – It is fitted from above and loose from bottom. Its length is longer than others. Angrakha is famous for its heavy embroidery pattern with zari and zardosi. It offers a rich look with its thread, stone and bead work.
  • Pathani Sherwani – Heavily embroidered jacket type top with loose pathani salwar. Raw silk is the most popular fabric.

Selecting the Best Sherwani:

  • The first thing to decide is the budget. Sherwanis are available in a varied price range depending upon the fabric, style and embroidery. Specifying a budget helps you to narrow down the search and avoid overspending.
  • Another important thing to decide is the colour. You must consider the complexion and overall body type. Choose a colour that reflects your personality.
  • You can choose from different styles, designs and fabrics. Different fabrics used for making Sherwanis include silk, poly silk, Banarasi silk, tanchoi, cotton, and brocade etc.

It is wise to buy Indian designer wear online. You can choose from the vast collection of Sherwanis available at reasonable prices.




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It’s Time to Spread the Neon

Sarees are the most fascinating apparel of women in India. With all the changing trends in the fashion industry, the saree is the only attire that remains one of the most desired clothing which has evolved over time and has been modified by a number of fashion designers.

In the current scenario, Neon is the thing that is “in”. Neon sarees have garnered a huge craze all over the country especially after Bollywood celebrities started wearing them in different movies and events. The tint of neon gives the Indian ethnic sarees a completely naughty, quirky and bold attitude. Neon was originally used by a lot of designers for various fashion events. A lot of apparels such as shirts, kaftans, etc included different shades of neon colors that delivered a very attractive look. In the due course, a lot of designers started using neon shades on sarees and this trick proved to be highly successful – not just in Bollywood, but also in real life.

Sarees with neon shades gradually became a style statement.We have seen various Bollywood celebrities wearing neon on several occasions, and the trendsetter was obviously the vivacious and stunning DeepikaPadukone who used the neon and wore it very elegantly during the promotions of her blockbuster movie, Chennai Express. Her lime green saree with a shade of neon became the talk of town and was a game-changer for fashion industry.


Another celeb who was seen flaunting neon wasSonam Kapoor, who is apparently known as a fashion diva. She was recently spotted in a fashion event in a neon orange and green saree.


The most sought after designer in Bollywood, Manish Malhotra, designed various colors of neon shaded sarees, for several actors in Bollywood, prominent amongst whichincluded Priyanka Chopra and Kajol.


Apart from Indian fashion industry, Neon shades have also found a global appeal where neon sarees were seen during various international events.

After so many stints of neon shaded sarees being used by Bollywood divas, bright neon became the most sought after fashion statement.The neon outfits can be generally found in the shades of yellow, peach, orange, pink, green etc. Neon saris appear very lively and attractive on Chiffon fabrics, but they look very nice on silk and cotton fabrics as well. Various designers have designed different and elegantly styled sarees that can be worn on different occasions and seasons. Normally, if you go for seasonal fashion, use colorful Chiffon fabrics during summers as they are relatively light to drape and carry. For winters, Chanderi silk neon fabrics would be the best to be draped in. Apart from that, cotton fabrics can also be used extensively in all seasons.

Every woman – from young girls to middle aged ladies – have developed a huge craving for neon shaded sarees as they can be used for all occasionslike weddings, parties, social events and so on. So it’s time you go shopping if you haven’t yet bought your neon home!

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