Why Sherwani is the Best choice for One’s Wedding?

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Wondering what to wear for your wedding? Well, Sherwani is one traditional outfit that will give you several reasons to enjoy your remarkable day in style. Apart from being comfortable, royal looks and utterly irresistible, Sherwani is something that every bride will love on their grooms.

Deemed as a perfect wedding wear besides the coat and suit of the western world, Sherwani is an ethnic outfit known for its style and elegance. Although a slightly modified and glorious version of Kurta and Pajama worn as a traditional wear, Sherwani are synonymous to weddings in India.

What makes Sherwani special is that it can complement the wedding Saree that your bride has chosen, with perfection.

As we know, Indian weddings have changed over the years. Today, people are more conscious about the style of creating fashion statements and also stand out in one’s wedding. It is, after all, your special day, as a groom. So, why leave the chance?

Sherwani, thus, lets you have some glitter, but with a greater panache than the Kurtas or the suits. So, for instance, if your bride is attired in shades of red, white and gold, you can complement the look with a more subdued version of similar hues. The result of such a combination will be outstanding, and simply magnificent.

Another reason for picking Sherwani as your wedding attire is the innumerable types and versions of the outfit available today in the market.  With a stitch here and a pick there, the fashion world has given a glorious twist to Sherwanis, making them an outfit fit for a king.

There are countless reasons why one should prefer Sherwani as a perfect outfit for their weddings. So, take your time to find the best reason to fit your logic, and buy a gorgeous Sherwani to make your marriage remarkable.

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Traditional Kurtas – Perfect Outfit for Men

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

For any special and traditional occasion, which is accompanied by some mouthwatering dishes and gorgeous attires. The ethnic day is simply incomplete without the magnificent Kurta and other traditional outfits.

No stones are left unturned to make the special occasion more enjoyable for everyone around. Either it is eating all delicacies or dressing up in fineries. That is the reason; we see a massive influx of beautiful Salwar Kameez and equally elegant Kurtas in the shops during the month of Ramadan, before Diwali, or other such occasions. And, not staying behind is the online stores, which are stocking up with some exclusive and elegant pieces of Kurta Pajamas fit for the kings, specially designed to justify the fervor of such occasions.

The thread work, embroidery on the silk Kurtas are something to reckon with and enjoy, during the special occasions. If you check out the online Indian stores, you can unearth some fabulous designs of Kurtas, at an affordable rate.

At Nihal Fashions you will also get a chance to find something different from the usual attires that you find in the virtual stores. Thus, many buyers prefer to visit an online store to make their purchases in peacetime and privacy.

There are some very essential reasons why we pick an online store over other shops to buy our dresses.

  • The online store offers us innumerable choice
  • The prices are comparable in the market
  • The Kurta sold is of impeccable quality

And, when all the reasons that make an online store a perfect place to buy our outfit can be found sitting at the comfort of our homes, why go out in the crowd to buy traditional attires for special occasions.

Hence, for any special occasion, just click your mouse to order your outfit, and have a glorious celebration.

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Wedding Sarees – The Most Elite & Classic Assortment of Indian Tradition

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair. Hence, if you are planning to buy a saree for your wedding, chose only something that is precious, out of the world, and will remain in style for years to come.

So, if you are planning to go for an Indian wedding or getting married yourself, what you need is a beautiful wedding saree to make you the cynosure of all the eyes present.

An Indian bride needs two essential items on her wedding day- jewelry and a beautiful and magnificent wedding saree. Since the saree is going to be preserved for generations to come, and also enjoyed at most beautiful occasions, it is essential that you buy a saree that can do justice to your beauty.

Wedding sarees come in all ranges and style. They are either made out of special and traditional silk, or from more fashionable georgette. But, what makes the wedding sarees remarkable is the designs and embroidery work on them. The whole work and designs on a wedding saree are handmade, and thus, each finer detail is looked into, with intricate detailing.

Weddings are not only an occasion to rejoice for the brides but also a very precious moment for others in the family. Hence, if it is a family wedding you are planning to attend or your silver jubilee anniversary, there is something for every special day, in the virtual store.

Indian wedding sarees are now easily available at any Indian clothing store, online. And, as the online world is known for its comprehensive price range, you can get great discounts on the gorgeous collection of wedding sarees. Hence, if you are planning to attend a wedding in any capacity, try out the different varieties of sarees present on their shelves, to have a gala of time on the D-day.

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Score High on the Style Quotient with Lehenga Style Sarees

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Lehengas are Indian skirts known for their magnificence, elegance and their style quotient. And, sarees, are something that has reached the world audience long before the beginning of the century, and are still supposed to be a beautiful and fashionable outfit at parties and special occasions.

Now, clubbing these two splendid and ethnic Indian outfits -saree and lehenga, people in the world of fashions have come up with a unique evening wear- a lehenga style saree. The outfit is extraordinarily stylish and looks simply million dollars. But, what makes them all the more popular is that the lehenga style saree is highly convenient and unlike sarees, can stay put on your hips for a longer time.

The lehenga style saree is characterised by a designer petticoat and a gorgeous blouse. This is accompanied by a beautiful and matching saree of matching hues. Such lehenga style sarees are becoming quite a fashion statement in India and other parts of the world. With the style allowing you to be comfortable and at the same time, ethnic and traditional, many are picking it as their wedding outfits too. These lehenga style sarees again come in a variety of colors, style and designs.

To make the wear more elegant and outstanding, the designers give special attention to the borders of the saree as well as the petticoat hems. This makes the lehenga style sarees fit for any occasion. Since this outfit can be worn easily, people pick them up all the time, for weddings, parties and all such occasions, which deserves the best outfit from your end.

You can find such lehenga style sarees easily in any online Indian stores. If you are still not convinced by the style or pattern, have a look at the virtual catalogue, to enjoy a clearer view of this splendid ethnic Indian outfit.

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Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Sherwani comes from the style of dress of the people from the Shirvan region in South Asia. It is a combination of the traditional Kurta and the British frock coat. It is a long coat, cut below the knee. The origin of the Sherwani can be traced back to the Mughal court where nobles traditionally wore it. Near the end of the eighteenth century, it became popular among the general population. It is now officially part of the national dress of Pakistan, and Government officials there wear it in black. In India, it is most commonly worn at family functions such as weddings.The groom traditionally wears Indian designer Sherwani at his nuptials. The Sherwani come in a wide range of fabrics and colours, they look respectable while also looking trendy and stylish,to complement the bridal attire.

Nihal Fashions stock a huge range of Sherwani’s in materials as diverse as silk, dupion, brocade, velvet and banarasi. Colours are as diverse as cream, gold, lemon, blue, peach, green and red and the fabric comes plain or with wonderfully intricate patterns. Bridal Sherwani can be worn with an ornate, pointed Mojari shoe and a Stole, which is a luxurious scarf for men, that is worn draped or wrapped around the Sherwani. On the bottom half, the groom can partner his Sherwani with Churidar trousers or a Dhoti. This stylish ensemble will guarantee that the groom will look fashionable and sophisticated at his wedding and be memorable for his rich, yet traditional attire.


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Choose Indian Fashion Designers for Men’s Kurtas to Get A Traditional and Contemporary Look

Choose Indian Fashion Designers for Men's Kurtas to Get A Traditional and Contemporary Look

Men’s Kurtas are a South Asian style of long collarless shirt.This particular apparel also comes as a Kurta-Pyjama set comprising of a knee length Kurta and loose pyjama bottoms to be worn together for a stylish yet casual look.

They are worn in India and Pakistan and throughout the world by style conscious émigrés and Western men catching up on the Indo Western trend. They come in various types of material such as silk, cotton, linen, dupion, brocade and more. Casual Kurta wear is usually in simple cotton for ease of care and can come with or without buttons and in all the colours of the rainbow. Formal Kurtas such as those worn at weddings are made from high-end fabric such as raw silk and come embroidered or stitched with gemstones such as diamonds, pearls and ornate embroidery.

Nihal Fashions are proud to host a selection of top Indian clothes designers who create beautifully yet comfortable clothing that can be worn onany occasion and by any age. The collarless Kurta shirts can also be worn casually over Western style trousers or jeans or paired with the pyjama bottom for a more traditional look. The pyjamas, worn with Kurtas are made to be worn outdoors as opposed to the variety of Western sleep attire. The Kurta can also be paired with a Dhoti, which is a type of men’s long wraparound skirt, much like a sarong or worn with tight fitting Churidar trousers. Indian designed Kurtas and Kurta Pyjama’s are fast becoming a fashion trend worldwide for their innate style and comfort.


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Traditional Indian Sarees Depicts the Great Attitude, Grace and Style of a Woman


Saree, the elegant traditional Indian attire, reflects the true essence of an Indian woman. It is considered as one of the most exciting and sensual outfit for women that makes them look charming and attractive. Saree is the one of the attire that has not lost its glory with the changing fashion and it is one of the most versatile outfits for woman.
With the change in fashion and style, even this ethnic apparel has undergone an evolution. Different types of saree have elaborated over years with unique and diverse designs, prints, colors and embroidery. Designer Saree, Party Wear Sarees, Embroidered Sarees and Lehenga Saree are some of the most trending saree types. These sarees with the conventional designs and patterns best define female elegance.
With the increasing demand, sarees are no longer only restricted to textile mills and physical stores. They are made available in online stores as well.  The online stores will also give you much option, for they offer a wide variety of fabrics, style, color, design, fabric and many more. The charm of this apparel is such that any style has the ability to behold a woman’s look –dignified, charming, and graceful.
There are creative designers who transform ethnic designs into attractive clothing that will remind you of India’s glorious past and bygone eras. Traditional Indian Sarees are typically worn during special occasions and on events where you want to show your culture and heritage. This apparel takes you closer to your cultural roots, and symbolize the glorious tradition and past of India.

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Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

nihal sherwani

Sherwani is a modern and versatile choice for most men and are the best outfits for grooms in an Indian wedding. The style and elegance of this Indian wear has gained much popularity and craze among fashion freaks. Colorful, stylish and elegant this costume has gained much fame.
A Sherwani, for an Indian groom, is the most popular dressing option that signifies style and elegance. The Indian equivalent of a suit, Sherwani is quite similar to a coat, but it is long and is usually worn over a Churidar. To add a contemporary twist, it can also be worn over with a pair of classy dhoti pants. Indian Sherwanis are the preferred traditional outfit for grooms in the weddings and is a classic example of style and splendor. These Wedding Sherwanis offers a regal classy look to the grooms. Apart from adding a rich traditional look, this royal three piece attire makes the wearer stand out in the crowd by making him look traditional yet stylish.
Despite of various choices available for men like suits, achkans, Kurtas, the Sherwani is considered as one of the most attractive wedding dress options for men. Sherwani being the most traditional form and part of Indian culture gives Indian groom an elegant and ethnic look. These designer Sherwanis are made with high-quality embellishments, brocades, and embroideries for a more elegant look. Indian Sherwanis are often made of luxurious fabrics from brocade to silk and velvet. But it is common to find them in terry wool, banarasi, art dupion, satin brocade, and tanchoi, or a combination of these fabrics. The full ensemble is completed with a traditional mojaris and a stole, both of which are worn to enhance the look and make the groom look more regal.

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Get Essence of Contemporary Clothing and Decent Look with Designer Salwar Kameez


Designer Salwar Kameez offers the Modern Indian woman the chance to project a decent contemporary look. The salwar or pleated trouser combined with the kameez or shirt is a traditional dress that is popular throughout India. It is a quintessential component of the wardrobe of every woman. Nevertheless, younger females are leaning towards chic designs and stylish cuts so that they can flaunt their modern sensibilities. Fortunately, designer outfits are available at affordable prices.

Basic design options

There is no single existing design for the kameez. The variations are almost infinite. The differences lie in the embellishments, embroidery, length, and neckline. The choice of color and print varies per region. Similarly, there are many different types of salwar in India. The pleated outfit becomes more elaborate with the addition of pleats. At the same time, the attractiveness of the item is somewhat tied to the number of pleats. The style changes from one cultural minority to the next. Despite the diversity, the fit of the salwar is classified into two categories—the tight fitting salwar and the loose-fitting salwar. There is a wide selection of materials used in making the salwar kameez, including cotton, silk, chiffon, brocade, and velvet.

Modernization of the Salwar Kameez

Party wear salwar kameez and customized ensembles are easy to come by these days. The styles favored by cosmopolitan women are those that grab the attention of the onlooker and leaning towards Western influences in terms of color and themes. Still, the most versatile dress in an Indian woman’s collection is not losing its ethnic origins.

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Depict the Indian Beauty with Traditional Indian Dresses


The beauty of traditional Indian dresses is enhanced further by the beauty of the wearer. Indian women are some of the beautiful in the world. It is no wonder that traditional outfits are designed to highlight their lovely features and the richness of their complexion.

Traditional clothing in Indian culture

In India, every community has its own set of traditions, beliefs, and practices. Clothing varies from one region to the next. Every state has its own traditional design. As such, the variety of traditional clothing in the subcontinent is staggering. Nevertheless, the Indian style of dressing is characterized by common traits, one of which is the generous use of color. Folk costumes are often colorful and embellished. Moreover, the color of clothing is an important element in traditional Indian wear because there are codes to be observed in honor of certain rituals and traditions.

The traditional saree

One of the consistently present item of clothing in an Indian woman’s wardrobe is the saree. No matter what new trends crop up, the preference to drape elegant sarees remain. There are different designs and colors available and each state boasts of its own specialty. A well-chosen saree never fails to complement the rest of the outfit.

Indian women like to use traditional items such as the Ghagra choli, salwar kameez, and the saree to highlight their natural beauty. Even clothes worn for daily use present with elaborate themes and luscious fabrics. On special occasions, the clothes traditional clothes worn by Indian women are more lavish and luxurious on so many levels.

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