Sherwani – Traditional Indian Dress for Men

Dark Gold Dupion Designer Sherwani (NMK-2109)Indian clothing is known for its grace, elegance and comfort making it popular worldwide. For an Indian groom, Sherwani is the most popular dressing option signifying style and elegance. The Indian equivalent of a western suit, Sherwani is quite similar to a coat, but it is long and is usually worn over a churidar.

Sherwanis are available in a plethora of styles. Here are some of them.

  • Achkan – It is lightweight and has long sleeves giving a coat-like appearance.
  • Chipkan – This style has been into fashion since the Mughal period. The upper half of the Sherwani fits closely to the body while the lower part has the shape of a frock with a large circumference that ends above the knees.
  • Jacket Sherwani – This type of Sherwani includes a set of three – the Sherwani, the jacket and churidar pajama.
  • Angrakha Sherwani – It is fitted from above and loose from bottom. Its length is longer than others. Angrakha is famous for its heavy embroidery pattern with zari and zardosi. It offers a rich look with its thread, stone and bead work.
  • Pathani Sherwani – Heavily embroidered jacket type top with loose pathani salwar. Raw silk is the most popular fabric.

Selecting the Best Sherwani:

  • The first thing to decide is the budget. Sherwanis are available in a varied price range depending upon the fabric, style and embroidery. Specifying a budget helps you to narrow down the search and avoid overspending.
  • Another important thing to decide is the colour. You must consider the complexion and overall body type. Choose a colour that reflects your personality.
  • You can choose from different styles, designs and fabrics. Different fabrics used for making Sherwanis include silk, poly silk, Banarasi silk, tanchoi, cotton, and brocade etc.

It is wise to buy Indian designer wear online. You can choose from the vast collection of Sherwanis available at reasonable prices.




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It’s Time to Spread the Neon

Sarees are the most fascinating apparel of women in India. With all the changing trends in the fashion industry, the saree is the only attire that remains one of the most desired clothing which has evolved over time and has been modified by a number of fashion designers.

In the current scenario, Neon is the thing that is “in”. Neon sarees have garnered a huge craze all over the country especially after Bollywood celebrities started wearing them in different movies and events. The tint of neon gives the Indian ethnic sarees a completely naughty, quirky and bold attitude. Neon was originally used by a lot of designers for various fashion events. A lot of apparels such as shirts, kaftans, etc included different shades of neon colors that delivered a very attractive look. In the due course, a lot of designers started using neon shades on sarees and this trick proved to be highly successful – not just in Bollywood, but also in real life.

Sarees with neon shades gradually became a style statement.We have seen various Bollywood celebrities wearing neon on several occasions, and the trendsetter was obviously the vivacious and stunning DeepikaPadukone who used the neon and wore it very elegantly during the promotions of her blockbuster movie, Chennai Express. Her lime green saree with a shade of neon became the talk of town and was a game-changer for fashion industry.


Another celeb who was seen flaunting neon wasSonam Kapoor, who is apparently known as a fashion diva. She was recently spotted in a fashion event in a neon orange and green saree.


The most sought after designer in Bollywood, Manish Malhotra, designed various colors of neon shaded sarees, for several actors in Bollywood, prominent amongst whichincluded Priyanka Chopra and Kajol.


Apart from Indian fashion industry, Neon shades have also found a global appeal where neon sarees were seen during various international events.

After so many stints of neon shaded sarees being used by Bollywood divas, bright neon became the most sought after fashion statement.The neon outfits can be generally found in the shades of yellow, peach, orange, pink, green etc. Neon saris appear very lively and attractive on Chiffon fabrics, but they look very nice on silk and cotton fabrics as well. Various designers have designed different and elegantly styled sarees that can be worn on different occasions and seasons. Normally, if you go for seasonal fashion, use colorful Chiffon fabrics during summers as they are relatively light to drape and carry. For winters, Chanderi silk neon fabrics would be the best to be draped in. Apart from that, cotton fabrics can also be used extensively in all seasons.

Every woman – from young girls to middle aged ladies – have developed a huge craving for neon shaded sarees as they can be used for all occasionslike weddings, parties, social events and so on. So it’s time you go shopping if you haven’t yet bought your neon home!

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Let Outfits Color Your Life

March is the month of color and Holi is “the” festival of colors that not only adds color to your skin, but also brightens up and colors your life. Apparently, this also makes the multi-colored outfits the ‘color of the season’ wherein everybody prefers wearing outfits that have joyful and vibrant colors, prints, and work done on them. Multi-colored attires are a favorite pick of most women as they automatically deliver a pleasing first-look that freshens up everybody’s mood and personality.ProductRear635143335843234000

Although Indian ethnic wear is always synonymous to traditional colors like red, maroon, green, gold, off white, and the like, the festive month of March successfully replaces all these traditional colors with jazzy ones that makes all the traditional attires look extremely elegant and glamorous. Let’s consider a few multi-colored attires that our Bollywood celebrities have been flaunting this season.

Shilpa Shetty flaunts a pink, orange and green chiffon saree that has a pink and silver border. The multi-colored and traditionally designed blouse with three-fourth sleeves adds an ample amount of sensuality and grace and together, the saree and the blouse bring about a soothing effect that refreshes the mind.

shilpaAnushka Sharma wears a very pretty ankle length Anarkali suit that is made out of premium quality silk. The color combination pleases the eyes and truly reflects her bubbly and jovial nature. Wearing such multi-colored outfits automatically brightens up the mood and helps in spreading joy all around.Anushka

Aliya Bhatt’s recent appearance in a velvet and net lehenga-choli too has spread the word about going colorful this season. Her Indian ethnic attire has heavy borders and work done in silver and the color combination and the material combination of a navy blue velvet lehenga-choli and a pink net dupatta made the entire attire look all the more chic.alia

DeepikaPadukone is known for her perfect fashion timing and this season too, she has picked clothes that are as colorful as the season its

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Kurtis That Redefine Fashion

Today, the love for kurtis shown by women is quite amusing. A few years back, kurtis wee in

vogue as they had convincingly replaced salwar-kameez since they were a good combination

of traditional cultures and contemporary patterns. Kurtis were also way more comfortable to

wear and easier to manage as compared to salwar-kameez. Women often wore kurtis over

leggings, a pair of jeans, or a churidar. A little later then, the trend of kurtis faded away with

the introduction of other ethnic Indian traditional wear like the Anarkali suits, designer sarees,

and other fashionable and designer attires that were modern in styles and yet had a tint of the

traditional values that India is known for.

Recently, kurtis made a comeback, and this time, the craze was astonishing. Everybody from

celebrities, to models, to regular women – both young and old, stacked their closets with

different varieties and types of kurtis. This craze grew wilder than before since fashion experts

came up with fancy kurtis that were apt to be worn in any occasion.

There are casual kurtis that women can wear everyday and can comfortably do their household

chores. These kurtis provide ample freedom of movement, in addition to maintaining the

decency and Indianness that other traditional attires like sarees and salwar-kamez are believed

to offer. Then there are traditional kurtis stitched using premium fabrics like silk, jacquard, and

other high-quality fabrics which are perfect to be worn on festive occasions and celebrations.

They are heavily designed kurtis that redefine fashion and add ample amount of beauty and

grace. Printed kurtis are yet another category that’s synonymous to fashion and style. These

kurtis have varying prints like animal prints, abstract prints, geometric prints, and other designs

which can be worn for regular events and get-togethers. Designer kurtis too have modern

patterns and designs that make wearing kurtis a state of pride and style.

All kurtis these days are available in varying lengths and patterns. Some are long-enough to

reach below the knees, while others vary from knee-lengths to those which reach around the

hips. Sleeve lengths also differ from full sleeves, three-fourth sleeves, half sleeves, sleeveless,

halter neck, to off shoulder ones. Fancy collar patterns and neck designs are of an immense

attraction as they help in defining and highlighting the body structure and personality.

The number of patterns and designs available in online stores and physical stores today is beyond

one’s imagination. The variety is dramatically huge to confuse women as to which one to choose

and which one to leave. With the advent of technology, online stores offer greater comfort and

flexibility to order kurtis by comfortably sitting at home. This saves a lot of time as you do not

have to go to physical stores and check different kurtis for designs and fit. Shopping for kurtis

online is also a fun and quick process and you can experience this by browsing through the

categories on our website! J

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The Era of Lehenga-Coat

‘Fashion keeps changing with time!’ – We all have heard this phrase “n” number of times, haven’t we? But the difference this time is that our very own Indian ethnic lehenga-choli has undergone a drastic transition. Just like we have Indo-western suits for men, the lehenga-choli too has been introduced now with a tint of western style. Gone are the days when women had to be wrapped in a traditional lehenga with a body-hugging choli, and a matching dupatta. Fashionistas have introduced a very unique pattern of this lehenga-choli which has spread across women – from Bollywood celebrities to the regular ladies – like wild-fire.

The twist in this lehenga-choli is that a coat has successfully and fashionably replaced the conventional choli, and the dupatta has practically lost its existence. The lehenga, however, has managed to maintain it identity as before. The coats (also known as jackets or sherwani) vary in design and length as per one’s preferences and body structure.

The most common length of these coats is the one that reaches a little below the knees. They majorly have a standing collar pattern with a perfect fitting, full sleeves, and a cut in the front. However, again, the collar designs, sleeve lengths, and the length of the cut can be altered based on one’s choice. These coats are usually made of premium fabrics like velvet or silk and have detailed and heavy patch-work and embroidery done on them. Many a time, they are also made using chiffon and net, and have very heavy embroidery done on them. The lehenga is left mono-color by nature to highlight the look of the coat, and has a thick border that has embroidery and work matching with the work done on the coat. This attire looks best when kept with minimal jewellery and accessories. Minimal accessories help in defining the detailed artistry and creativity of designers in designing these lehenga-coats, and at the same time it also showcases a very powerful personality of the wearer.

This unique and innovatively designed lehenga-coat has gained immense popularity ever since its introduction and has brides demanding to wear them in their engagement ceremonies, sangeet ceremonies, and reception as well. This is because it showcases the traditional yet contemporary personality of women and adds a lot of grace and beauty along with portraying a royal and classy look. Dark and bright colors look best and truly define womanhood. Not only are these perfect to be worn on traditional and festive occasions, but they are also apt when one wants to wear them in semi-formal and modern events like a cocktail party and the like. Celebrities too, have been wearing this to several promotional events, award functions, and regular visits.

The coat-lehenga’s popularity has been reaching the skies and this trend is definitely here to stay for long as this transformation has been heartily welcomed by all women across the nation, but what comes up next is something that we’ll have to wait and watch!

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Arm Cuffs & Toe Rings For Your Indian Ethnic Wear

Indian ethnic wear has always been synonymous to Indian cultures and traditions as they have clearly and convincingly reflected the moral values and mannerisms of our system from times immemorial. Indian traditional wear includes a collection of glamorous attires for men, women, and kids that not only depicts the decency and values that the Indian systems flaunts, but also showcases the marvelous beauty and elegance that the people here possess. Ethnic wear for men and kids include kurta-pajama, sherwani, kurta-churidar, and also the Indo-western suits to an extent, while those for women include the evergreen sarees, salwar-kameez, kurtis and tunics, churidar, lehenga-choli, and many more. Most of these traditional attires are heavily designed and studded with stones, jewels, embroidery, and zari work, in addition to sequins and mirror work, and other designer patterns. This makes it perfect to wear these outfits on auspicious occasions and festive gatherings.


However, these heavily designed attires stitched on premium fabrics look incomplete unless they are accessorized with apt jewellery, traditionally designed shoes, and other accessories. The choice of jewellery depends on the color and designs of the outfits and varies from beautiful gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, silver jewellery, kundan jewellery, to everything else in between. Accessories that go with Indian ethnic wear majorly include traditional clutches and hair accessories for women and mojaris for both men and women. Well, what has recently been crazily in vogue but has had its existence from centuries ago are the arm cuffs and toe rings. Every woman – young and old – is seen sporting an arm cuff and a toe ring these days, and these look extremely beautiful and elegant in any type of attire.


Arm cuffs and toe rings were originally considered to be the accessories and a symbol of married women, but are today worn by everybody irrespective of any marital status. Arm cuffs come in a variety of designs – from delicate ones to heavier ones. These are either simply a band of metal with some design on them, or are sometimes studded with gems and stones. They look extremely glamorous and are a must when a girl is getting married as per the Hindu customs. Arm cuffs that are delicate can even be worn with kurtis and tunics. They tend to deliver a mix of the traditional and contemporary personality and highlight the overall appearance of the wearer.untitleduntitled

Toe rings were initially made of silver and were worn in the second toe, but with the changing times, they are now available in a variety of metals and designs and can be worn in any finger as preferred. However the major preference is still for the second toe. But as fashion keeps changing, the latest fad is to wear them in the main toe as shown. These rings come in a wide range of designs and patterns. From simple band rings, to the ones with creatures and modern artwork done on them, these toe rings have made a crazy comeback and are definitely here to stay.

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It’s the Lehenga Anarkali Time

Anarkali dresses have always been one of the most popular and preferred attires amongst women from times immemorial. This is because this outfit looks amazingly elegant and beautiful, and at the same time looks convincingly traditional yet contemporary. The origin of the Anarkali dresses takes us back to the time of the Mughal era where a famous dancer of that time, named Anarkali, was brutally buried alive behind bricks in order to end her love affair with the Mughal heir named Salim. This incident left its mark in the history and eventually her attire became very popular, especially in the South-Asian countries.


Initially, the Anarkali dresses were a little below the knees in length and had a perfect upper body fitting, and a ghaghra-like flair from below the waist. It was worn over a tight-fitting churidar and a matching dupatta. This style became very adorable as it magnified a woman’s grace and aura multiple times. From young girls to ladies, every woman loved this Anarkali-styled Indian ethnic traditional attire. Then came a time wherein the length of these suits reduced drastically and they now reached a little below the hips. Regional names for such outfits include kedias amongst the rest, which are popular in the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions of India.


However, fashion keeps changing and so has this infamous Anarkali suits. These days, the Anarkali suits are longer than before and reach the ankles, such that no part of the churidar remains visible. Designer Anarkali suits have a heavy embroidery and zari and sequins work around the neck, and heavy and fancy borders around the wrists and the bottom. These types of Anarkali dresses look best on royal fabrics and vibrant colors like magenta, peacock blue, red, gold, and black to name a few. The dupatta too has a designer work done on to it. To complete the look of this beautiful attire, it is advisable to wear traditional antique jewellery depending on the designs and patterns of the Anarkali. If the shade of the fabric is gold and has a tint of red or green, then timeless kundan jewellery is a perfect match. When the work on the fabric is inclined towards silver, then wearing diamonds is the best choice. Ideally, the trend these days is to wear heavy earrings and rings, and an optional tikka, and avoid wearing any neck piece and bangles or bracelets.


Such ankle-length Anarkali dresses are a part of everyone’s closet – from a young girl to a popular celebrity. We see the who’s who of Bollywood wearing these trendy Anarkali dresses on occasions and festivals ranging from a film promotion, to a wedding reception, to parties and more. Such dresses look extremely fabulous on women who are tall, but they look competitively beautiful on other women who pair it up with high heels. This is definitely one trend that is here to stay. These Anarkali dresses will surely be in vogue for long as designers are coming up with varying and attractive designs and styles almost every other day.

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Everyday Sarees for an Everyday Woman

Casual printed sarees are one of the most elegant, comfortable, and easy-to-wear sarees meant for daily wear. Most often, these types of sarees are made of fabrics like chiffon, crepe, and georgette etc. These fabrics are of good quality and are sourced from reputed vendors in the markets. They are available in a palette of colors and have designs and patterns that are beautiful and graceful. Some of the very popular casual saree prints seen in the markets include floral prints, block prints, and geometric prints, abstract prints, animal prints, and so on. Such sarees are ideal for women who prefer and like wearing sarees everyday as these, unlike the heavily embroidered ones, are comparatively lighter to carry and are simple yet adorable.


Sarees with floral prints look very retro but at the same time they have a tint of contemporary techniques in them that are very evident. Floral prints make the sarees look colorful and artistic and freshen up the moods of the wearer as well of the people around who have a glance at such sarees.


Block printed sarees define the simplicity and grace of the casual sarees. These designs are very basic in nature but reflect a personality that is demanding yet affirmative. Block prints can be either of a particular size on the entire saree or can be of different sizes. The blocks can either be straight placed or can be randomly placed in varying degrees to deliver a feel of a modern, creative, and artistic design.


Geometric prints are one of the most popular prints that we see in the stores. These prints are sharp and edgy and along with portraying a very powerful personality, they also showcase the artistry and fancy work that is put in to deliver such geometric output.

Digitally printed sarees are sarees that have prints made using high tech digital printing equipment and technologies along with soft material. Such digital prints are life-long lasting prints that neither fade nor vanish even after multiple washes. There is absolutely no maintenance and effort required to keep the look of such sarees alive and intact.

One of the popular types of casual sarees available in the markets today is the sarees with prints on premium fabrics. For example, pure georgette sarees with chikan hand embroidery and prints on it are very popular. Casual printed sarees on other fabrics also have sequins and zari work to enhance the look of the sarees so that they can be worn on festive occasions as well. Another often demanded printed casual sarees are the ones on light colored fabrics. Light colored printed sarees look cool to the eyes and are better than being draped in other heavily worked upon sarees that are made of darker and heavier fabrics.


Casual printed sarees are known for their exclusive color combinations and ethnic looks. They give a very cheerful and vivacious feeling that pleases everybody. Fashion concepts keep changing every now & then but the charm of casual printed sarees is evergreen.

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The Return of the Kaftan

Kurtis and tunics are generally associated with younger women who like to get dressed in contemporarily traditional attires as these reflect the cultural values and traditions of the Indian ethnic outfits, along with high-lighting the modern styles and designs. One such women’s outfit that was very popular a few years ago has recently made a comeback with a twist. What we are talking about is the “Kaftan”!

As most of us know, the original kaftan was a front-buttoned overdress or a coat made of wool, silk, cotton etc that usually reached the ankles and had long sleeves, and was worn by both men and women. This was similar to a tunic and became immensely popular the world over, and had different versions worn by countless cultures across numerous countries for thousands of years. It is generally associated with the Islamic culture but famous variants of the kaftans include the ones worn by the people of Persia, Morocco, West Africa, Russia, and South-east Asia to name a few. In India, a variant of the kaftan that was widely worn by women a few years ago was the one wherein the length of it had reduced dramatically and it reached way above the knees, but retained its original pattern of long sleeves with straight stitches on both sides. Kaftan

This popular outfit has made a comeback with a twist this season. The kaftans available today are longer in length than the earlier ones and now reach the knees of the wearer. Most of them are available in synthetic and chiffon fabrics that make them lighter in weight and enhance the look of the outfit. These fabrics deliver a particular “fall” of the fabric that makes it extremely elegant and stylish to look at. Most of these kaftans are made on bright and vibrant colored fabrics which generate a positive vibe and refresh the moods of not only the wearers, but also of those around them.Kaftan

The most picked kaftans of today are the ones that have prints on them. These prints vary from animal prints to geometric prints, abstract prints, floral prints, and technical prints. Kaftans with prints are best to be worn on casual occasions. Other patterns of kaftans that are also available in the markets include the ones that have only the neck that is worked up by either embroidery or some zari work. Kaftans with embroidery and / or zari work look heavier and royal and can be worn on festive occasions and celebrations. Some designers have also come up with modern cuts of the kaftan that are available in selected stores. But these patterns do not suit every body type. Kaftans like the ones in blue and red shown in the picture look good on women who are tall and skinny. If a similar one is worn by shorter or healthier women, it will only make them appear more short or plump respectively. Hence is it very essential to choose your kaftans according to your body type.Kaftan

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Jacket Style Kurta Pajama

Jacket Style Kurta Pajama is one of the traditional yet contemporary attires of men that basically consists of a kurta, a pajama, and a jacket over it. A kurta is piece of garment that is the closest version of the ancient Arab clothing and falls just below the knees of the wearer. A pajama, or a churidar is generally associated with a loose-fitting pair of trousers that is completely comfortable and provides ample freedom of movement to the wearer. The jacket popularly known as the Nehru jacket is typically a hip-length tailored coat with a mandarin collar (resembling a suit jacket) that can be worn by both – men as well as women. Although this attire was popularized by the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, way back from the 1947 to 1964, it is notable to mention that this jacket, under his name, is tremendously admired across regions today.

These jackets are often worn over a plain kurta that is often of a contrasting color. Most common shades of the kurta include black, beige, white, and blue, whereas as a tradition, men usually stick to white when it comes to the pajama or the churidar. The most popular and demanded shades of the Nehru jackets include the khaki color, brown, grey, and cream. Nehru jackets over a kurta-pajama have become the favorite of many these days and are in demand when it comes to choosing a wedding or a festive outfit for men. In addition to this, they are the apt attire for any formal, traditional, as well as casual gatherings. The jacket style kurta pajama delivers a retro and strong personality that seems highly modest, influential, and powerful.

A contemporary twist to the Nehru jackets has also been introduced by stylists wherein the jackets are inclined more towards fancy designs rather than regular. Such jackets have embroidery and other zari and sequins work on them, and they are stitched on varying fabrics. Jacket Style Kurta Pajama – be it traditional or designer – looks amazingly stylish and sober. So get home your favorite pair today by browsing through Nihal Fashions’ collection and ordering online.

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