Strut With Confidence This Festive Season With A Wide Range Of Ethnic Wear

This season is all about being spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting from a wide range of ethnic-wear. This festive season brings with it the trend for adorning traditional Indian men’s clothing for occasions where you display your fashion prowess by fusing western and Indian influences together, creating your own style statement. You can opt for various ethnic wear choices such as Cotton Kurta Pajamas, Jodhpuri Pants, waistcoats and Sherwanis for men

Patterns and prints make the palette for this festive season and you can definitely experiment with colours such as royal blue, earthy chocolate browns, burgundy, rust and red to achieve that perfect look. You can also opt to accessorize your look with cuff-links and other items, especially if you wish to adorn these for occasions such as weddings.

One of the most popular ensembles this season is the Bandhgala that can be teamed with Jodhpuri pants to make for that perfect look. Choose cotton or other lightweight clothing for that comfort fit. Mentioned below are a few styles you can inculcate into your wardrobe for that perfect look, this festive season:

Kurta Pajama or Dhoti

Traditional ensemble is most popular and is a fun combination for various events and occasions. You can pair a Pajama or a Dhoti with a long Kurta and a stole. You should definitely opt for exquisitely designed Kurtas.

Choose Indian Fashion Designers for Men's Kurtas to Get A Traditional and Contemporary Look


A classic Bandhgala is all you need, which you can pair with a Johpuri Pants. This is the traditional ensemble adorned by the Maharajas of the olden times; therefore, a great occasion to display your regal personality. These can also be worn along with Dhotis or Churidaars.


You can create a fusion by combining the western and Indian style for that quirky effect. If you are one of those who love to create their own sense of style and not follow the norms, then this is the perfect style for you this season. You can mix and match short coats along with the traditional Dhoti in order to make waves this season and gather eyeballs. 

It is always important to feel comfortable in the clothes you adorn that will provide you with the much-need confidence.

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Celebrate Unity in Diversity With This Diverse Range Of Sarees

online sarees

India is a land that possesses a rich history, derived from a number of traditions, customs and rituals. This secular country is one which houses multiple religions, inspiring a plethora of traditional ensembles that are highly popular amongst women from all over the world. One of the most basic forms of the traditional Indian dress is the Sari, an elegant drape available in a variety of styles and textures.

Sarees possess a lot of grace and the charm and are generally preferred to be adorned during festivities and occasions. This embodiment of elegance is distinctive and is available in various materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton and other synthetics. Since India is renowned for its cultural amalgamation, the Saree too is adorned and created in a diverse range, according to the culture and influence of the particular area or the state one resides at.

Every state in India has a distinctive way of adorning a Saree, in accordance to their customs and traditions. Also, there are a variety of Sarees you can choose from and mentioned below are a few diverse varieties:

Kanjeevaram Sarees 


Originating from the small town known as Kancheepuram, this silk fabric has been around since over 400 years. The designs of a Kanjeevaram Saree are heavily inspired by paintings of palaces and temples and are filled with Zari work on the borders. This Zari work is conducted by making use of gold and silver, making these Sarees rich in appearance.

Chanderi Sarees 


A small town in Madhya Pradesh, known as Chanderi is one of the most renowned towns due to its production of Chanderi Sarees. These Sarees are hand woven, created out of silk or cotton, possessing a rich gold border that makes it one of the most exclusive creations of the country.

Banarasi Sarees


Crafted out of finely woven silk, this intricately designed Saree is one of the most popular of its kind and is traditionally adorned for wedding purpose.

Paithani Sarees 


Another gem, this Saree is a product of Paithan, Maharashtra and is one of the most exclusive creations adorned by every woman in the state. One of the most interesting aspects of this Saree is that its Pallu comprises Zari work and a variety of designs inspired by the flowers and the birds that the country houses.

Mysore Silk Sarees 


This traditional silk Saree is famous for its Zari on the Pallu and the borders and originates from Karnataka. This embodiment of elegance is one of the most sought-after in the range of Sarees available in India.

With the ongoing festive season, the traditional India dress has come into prominence again and you can choose from a variety of the above mentioned designs in order to turn heads and create a fashion statement.

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Sherwani: Your Wardrobe Essential This Season

Kid's Sherwani Online

Sherwani: Your Wardrobe Essential This Season

Sherwani is elegance personified; this traditional outfit is not just meant for wedding ceremonies, but is also a wardrobe essential for various occasions and festivities. If you wish to opt for a regal look for a particular occasion, then a perfectly stitched and embroidered Sherwani will ensure that you turn heads. 

A Sherwani is a long coat (waist length), typically adorned by men, especially suited for celebratory occasions. You can opt for Sherwanis that are heavily embroidered for occasions such as weddings, due to the richness in their appeal and the fact they are exquisitely designed for that majestic appearance and feel it exudes. You can avail men’s Sherwanis and kid’s Sherwanis in an array of designs, well-cut, comfortable and in accordance to your personality and tastes.

For this, you need to keep in mind certain aspects that will help you stand out in the crowd. One of those is the colour you choose to adorn along with ensuring that the fitting and size is nearly perfect. Other factors that should not be missed while you make a purchase are stated below:

 Look out for a Nehru Jacket

This versatile piece of clothing should be well-fitted and subtly coloured in order to make a statement. This effortlessly stylish jacket is a favourite amongst numerous fashionistas and possesses the ability to ‘jazz up’ your style quotient for any occasion. You can opt for lighter fabrics for more comfort and avoid over-sized fitting.

 The Sherwani colours can make or break a look

You can opt for brighter colours this season since the festival of lights is on its way, bringing along joy to the hearts of most Indians. You can embrace an array of colours; from burnt orange to browns; from greys to greens; this joyful season is characterised by the lustre of Diyas and firecrackers. So what are you waiting for? Ensure you make a statement by opting for bright colours that suit your skin tone as well as personality and turn heads, this Diwali. You can also experiment with Jodhpuri Pants that can add zest to your overall personality.

The most essential of all: Invest in a good pair of shoes 

You cannot possible adorn a pair of sport shoes or Crocs with a Sherwani; it is essential to invest in a pair of either Sherwani shoes or Mojaris for that rustic-Indian look. 

So put your best foot forward this season and make a fashion statement with the ethnic Sherwani. 

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Go Ethnic This Diwali – Top 3 Choice Indian Wears for the Festive Season


You can say that Diwali is the crème de la crème of all Indian festivals. Synonymous with lights, festivity, firecrackers, illuminated streets, glittery lanterns, and widespread cheer and revelry, Diwali is inarguably the greatest harbinger of joy for Indians.

Your Indian neighborhood is going to be brimming with this joyous spirit as well. And if you paid any attention, there is another thing about an Indian festival that makes the Indian neighborhood decidedly different; that is, the color and variety of multihued clothing that this festival brings.
If you are a man who’s, even in the slightest, taken with the Indian ethnic wear, we have just the right tips for you to groom yourself a touch differently this season.
The rich Indian cultural heritage throws up a number of tasteful ways for you to turn into a dapper—the Indian way.

a)    Sherwani    

Indigenous to the sub-continent, Sherwanis are long-waist-length coats for men; essentially, they are a blend of kurtas and British frock coats, or breeches may be?. Typically adorned by Indian men for weddings, these can very well be donned on celebratory occasions, and the flavor of the season right now is Diwali. Sherwanis are characterized by a strong visual appeal—rich brocade, bright colors, a variety of silk cloth materials, and exquisite embroidery make it a very regal affair. Men’s Sherwanis are typically teamed with Jhodpuris (tight-fitting cotton pants). Alongside, you can also wear Sherwani juttis. Sherwanis are not just for men; you’d be surprised by how adorable a Sherwani can make your kid look. Kid’s sherwanis also come in tasteful variety and styles. 

Make sure that Sherwanis are well-cut, comfortable, and not too gaudy. If the colors are little too pop, it could very well turn into a fashion faux-pas.

b)     Nehru Jacket:

Also known as ‘Bandhgala’, Nehru Jacket is minimalistic, well by Indian bling standards at least, and has been largely adopted by several international brands. Nehru Jacket is also very versatile clothing; you could don it for a casual evening affair as well as for some momentous event in your life; depends on how you style it. Sport the Nehru Jacket with Jodhpuris and you are redefining the word ‘debonair’. You can wear this as a vest coat for multiple occasions. You can don these jackets with a Kurta as well.

c)      Kurta Pajamas:

There are these slight nuances—kurtas, sherwanis, and pathani kurtas. Kurta Pajamas are quintessentially Indian and worn across different regions with varying styles. Kurtas can be worn with shalwars, churidars (tight-fitting or semi-tight fitting), wrap around dhotis, or even jeans. Like Sherwanis, Nehru jackets, Kurtas too come with a mandarin collar. Well, currently, the trendiest of them all are Pathani Kurtas, but even Kurtis make for a great fashion statement.

So ditch the banal formals for a change; this November, as the flavor of the season fills the air, try out a different wardrobe style. Go ethnic.

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Get the Attention on Your Wedding by Wearing Sherwani

Indian Designer Kurtas for Weddings

Sherwani is traditionally worn by the groom in Indian weddings. It is a result of combining a British frock coat with a kurta for formal occasions, such as nuptials. Traditional Indian sherwani is stylish and elegant, so it effortlessly makes the groom more regal and charming. Special designers and artisans design wedding sherwani using a perfect blend of embroideries, colors, and the right fabric to represent culture, tradition, and the personal style of the groom.

Wearing a sherwani is a foolproof way to ensure that you are dressed appropriately for your wedding. It will go well with your bride’s traditional wedding saree or designer lehenga choli. Sherwani typically looks great on tall and slender men due to the long kurta, coat, and pants, but the right color, cut, pattern, design, and accessories will ensure that the outfit can go well with any body type.

If you are tall and skinny, avoid vertical stripes, and stay away from monochromatic color schemes. Go for light and bright colors to add bulk to your frame.  If you are short, choose a sherwani with a coat and kurta that falls right below or at your knees, and add the right accessories—like an ornate turban—to draw attention to your face. A pagadi made of thin fabric like satin and adorned with the right amount of jewels can make you look taller. If you are bulky, try a monochromatic look with contrasting vibrant colors for the top and bottom.

Explore the wide selection of wedding sherwani online and browse by fabric, color, or price to find the outfit that suits your budget and your needs. Buy from an online store that carries an exclusive collection of designer sherwani, which can be complemented with a traditional mojris and a stole.

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Buying the Latest Trends in Dhoti Kurta from an Online Store

Indian Designer Kurtas for Weddings

The dhoti kurta is an Indian ethnic outfit for men. It is great for daily wear and for special occasions due to the wide range of designs and styles you can find online, as well as the fact that it is comfortable and easy to wear. Dhoti kurtas these days are available in designer styles and in beautiful contemporary fabrics. You can find the latest trends in dhoti kurta from an online store that carries Indian clothing and traditional Indian outfits online.

Traditional Indian clothes are still the standard especially for special gatherings, cultural events, and traditional occasions. Designers have improved the styles and cuts of the dhoti kurta to ensure a flattering fit for any body type. The dhoti kurta consists of a loose and simple knee-length kurta stitched in various fabrics, and a piece of unstitched rectangular fabric that is wrapped around the legs and waist and knotted at the waist. Together, the top and the bottom allow more freedom of movement. Dhoti kurta is traditionally worn in northern India, but there are other versions in other regions.

Buy your dhoti kurta from a reputable online store of traditional Indian clothing. Make sure that the store has a transparent and simple process of doing business with its clients. It can be cheaper to buy a dhoti kurta online because most online stores have minimum to low overhead costs. Hence, they can pass the savings on to you. Some online stores can provide free shipping and special promos, like discounts and a free gift, too, so be sure to explore their deals before checking out.

You can browse an array of trendy dhoti kurta styles by color, style, fabric, or price online. This way, you can narrow your choices down to your preference and find the right dhoti kurta that suits your budget, style, and the occasion.

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Why Sherwani is the Best choice for One’s Wedding?

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Wondering what to wear for your wedding? Well, Sherwani is one traditional outfit that will give you several reasons to enjoy your remarkable day in style. Apart from being comfortable, royal looks and utterly irresistible, Sherwani is something that every bride will love on their grooms.

Deemed as a perfect wedding wear besides the coat and suit of the western world, Sherwani is an ethnic outfit known for its style and elegance. Although a slightly modified and glorious version of Kurta and Pajama worn as a traditional wear, Sherwani are synonymous to weddings in India.

What makes Sherwani special is that it can complement the wedding Saree that your bride has chosen, with perfection.

As we know, Indian weddings have changed over the years. Today, people are more conscious about the style of creating fashion statements and also stand out in one’s wedding. It is, after all, your special day, as a groom. So, why leave the chance?

Sherwani, thus, lets you have some glitter, but with a greater panache than the Kurtas or the suits. So, for instance, if your bride is attired in shades of red, white and gold, you can complement the look with a more subdued version of similar hues. The result of such a combination will be outstanding, and simply magnificent.

Another reason for picking Sherwani as your wedding attire is the innumerable types and versions of the outfit available today in the market.  With a stitch here and a pick there, the fashion world has given a glorious twist to Sherwanis, making them an outfit fit for a king.

There are countless reasons why one should prefer Sherwani as a perfect outfit for their weddings. So, take your time to find the best reason to fit your logic, and buy a gorgeous Sherwani to make your marriage remarkable.

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Traditional Kurtas – Perfect Outfit for Men

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

For any special and traditional occasion, which is accompanied by some mouthwatering dishes and gorgeous attires. The ethnic day is simply incomplete without the magnificent Kurta and other traditional outfits.

No stones are left unturned to make the special occasion more enjoyable for everyone around. Either it is eating all delicacies or dressing up in fineries. That is the reason; we see a massive influx of beautiful Salwar Kameez and equally elegant Kurtas in the shops during the month of Ramadan, before Diwali, or other such occasions. And, not staying behind is the online stores, which are stocking up with some exclusive and elegant pieces of Kurta Pajamas fit for the kings, specially designed to justify the fervor of such occasions.

The thread work, embroidery on the silk Kurtas are something to reckon with and enjoy, during the special occasions. If you check out the online Indian stores, you can unearth some fabulous designs of Kurtas, at an affordable rate.

At Nihal Fashions you will also get a chance to find something different from the usual attires that you find in the virtual stores. Thus, many buyers prefer to visit an online store to make their purchases in peacetime and privacy.

There are some very essential reasons why we pick an online store over other shops to buy our dresses.

  • The online store offers us innumerable choice
  • The prices are comparable in the market
  • The Kurta sold is of impeccable quality

And, when all the reasons that make an online store a perfect place to buy our outfit can be found sitting at the comfort of our homes, why go out in the crowd to buy traditional attires for special occasions.

Hence, for any special occasion, just click your mouse to order your outfit, and have a glorious celebration.

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Wedding Sarees – The Most Elite & Classic Assortment of Indian Tradition

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair. Hence, if you are planning to buy a saree for your wedding, chose only something that is precious, out of the world, and will remain in style for years to come.

So, if you are planning to go for an Indian wedding or getting married yourself, what you need is a beautiful wedding saree to make you the cynosure of all the eyes present.

An Indian bride needs two essential items on her wedding day- jewelry and a beautiful and magnificent wedding saree. Since the saree is going to be preserved for generations to come, and also enjoyed at most beautiful occasions, it is essential that you buy a saree that can do justice to your beauty.

Wedding sarees come in all ranges and style. They are either made out of special and traditional silk, or from more fashionable georgette. But, what makes the wedding sarees remarkable is the designs and embroidery work on them. The whole work and designs on a wedding saree are handmade, and thus, each finer detail is looked into, with intricate detailing.

Weddings are not only an occasion to rejoice for the brides but also a very precious moment for others in the family. Hence, if it is a family wedding you are planning to attend or your silver jubilee anniversary, there is something for every special day, in the virtual store.

Indian wedding sarees are now easily available at any Indian clothing store, online. And, as the online world is known for its comprehensive price range, you can get great discounts on the gorgeous collection of wedding sarees. Hence, if you are planning to attend a wedding in any capacity, try out the different varieties of sarees present on their shelves, to have a gala of time on the D-day.

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Score High on the Style Quotient with Lehenga Style Sarees

Indian Designer Sherwani – Fabulous Attire for Weddings

Lehengas are Indian skirts known for their magnificence, elegance and their style quotient. And, sarees, are something that has reached the world audience long before the beginning of the century, and are still supposed to be a beautiful and fashionable outfit at parties and special occasions.

Now, clubbing these two splendid and ethnic Indian outfits -saree and lehenga, people in the world of fashions have come up with a unique evening wear- a lehenga style saree. The outfit is extraordinarily stylish and looks simply million dollars. But, what makes them all the more popular is that the lehenga style saree is highly convenient and unlike sarees, can stay put on your hips for a longer time.

The lehenga style saree is characterised by a designer petticoat and a gorgeous blouse. This is accompanied by a beautiful and matching saree of matching hues. Such lehenga style sarees are becoming quite a fashion statement in India and other parts of the world. With the style allowing you to be comfortable and at the same time, ethnic and traditional, many are picking it as their wedding outfits too. These lehenga style sarees again come in a variety of colors, style and designs.

To make the wear more elegant and outstanding, the designers give special attention to the borders of the saree as well as the petticoat hems. This makes the lehenga style sarees fit for any occasion. Since this outfit can be worn easily, people pick them up all the time, for weddings, parties and all such occasions, which deserves the best outfit from your end.

You can find such lehenga style sarees easily in any online Indian stores. If you are still not convinced by the style or pattern, have a look at the virtual catalogue, to enjoy a clearer view of this splendid ethnic Indian outfit.

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