Elegance and Grace of Indian Traditional Clothes

Elegance and Grace of Indian Traditional Clothes

When Indians who live in other parts of the world often choose to wear their homeland’s traditional clothing and it’s easy to see why. After all, traditional Indian clothes are some of the most elegant and graceful in the world. There are creative designers who transform ethnic designs into attractive clothing that will remind you of India’s glorious past and bygone eras where the Ranis and Maharajas used to spend lavishly on their outfits.

Traditional Indian clothing is typically worn during special occasions and on events where you might want to show off your culture and heritage. These outfits take you closer to your cultural roots, and they symbolize the glorious tradition and past of India. Here are some types of traditional Indian clothing that is still worn today:

  1. Kurta – A men’s tunic that pertains to a loose long shirt, with a length that falls right below or above the knees. Kurtas were primarily for men in the past, but nowadays, it is acceptable for contemporary women to wear them, too.


  1. Dhoti – Men’s traditional Indian clothing. It is made of an unstitched piece of cloth, which is typically five yards long and tied around the legs and waist. Dhoti has several names, depending on the region of India. In Bangla, it is known as ‘dhuti’, and ‘laacha’ in Punjabi.
  1. Salwar kameez – Women’s traditional Indian clothing. This elegant salwar suit consists of a knee-length salwar, which resembles a kurti, and paired with a loose trouser-like kameez. A dupatta is often worn to complete the look. Salwar kameez can be worn on all appropriate festivals and occasions.


  1. Sherwani – Men’s long coat. It is a handsome combination of a kurta and a long coat that resembles a British frock coat. A sherwani is typically worn by grooms in India, and it can easily be complemented by a traditional Mojris or a stole. Sherwani brings out the grace and elegance in men, especially if they are tall. Many Indian men would spend lavishly on a high-quality sherwani suit for their wedding.
  1. Lehenga choli – An alternative to traditional sarees. This is three-piece outfit for a woman that consists of a tight-fitting blouse or choli, a dupatta, and a long ghagra or lehenga, which flares down the bottom.

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Stylize Your Festive Look with Online Collection of Indian Clothes

Traditional Indian outfits are mostly preferred when it comes to cultural and traditionalStylize Your Festive Look with Online Collection of Indian Clothes gatherings and special occasions. Hence, they never go out of style. You can find a wide variety of Indian clothes online, and you are sure to find the right outfit for any occasion, whether it is for a wedding or a birthday celebration.

Indian clothes enable you to show off your unique and rich cultural heritage, even on western events. Traditional outfits are made of high-quality fabric with the best workmanship on sequins, gemstones, and jewels to adorn the clothes that you want. This way, you can be sure that you are wearing the finest Indian clothing that provides a regal and undeniably stunning look.

Browse the online collection of Indian clothes from a leading supplier of designer traditional outfits. This way, you can find a wide selection of designer salwar kameez, sarees, tunics, and lehenga cholis for women, and a great selection of kurta pajamas and sherwani for men. There are online stores that carry kurta pajams and sherwani for kids, too.

A sherwani is a combination of the British frock coat and a Kurta and it is the preferred clothing by grooms in traditional Indian weddings. To enhance the look, designer sherwani can be worn with a traditional Mojris and a stole. High-quality sherwani can be made of fine fabrics like silk, satin, and tanchoi. Brocade and art dupion provide a more luxurious and stylish look to a sherwani. Men’s kurta pajama can suffice in less formal occasions. It is easy to wear and extremely comfortable with a loose knee-length kurta or tunic, which can be made of different fabrics in various colors.

Lehenga and sarees suit women best. A lehenga choli can be a replaceable and more modern alternative to a more traditional saree. Brides and celebrants may prefer either a lehenga choli or a saree based on what they are comfortable with and their personal style.

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Latest Fashion Trends in Men’s Sherwani and Kurta Pajama

Latest Fashion Trends in Men's Sherwani and Kurta Pajama

The sherwani and kurta pajama are traditional Indian clothing worn during special occasions. These garments are always appropriate and fashionable to wear especially if they are made of the finest fabrics and crafted by skilled designers who specialize in making them. Sherwani is traditionally worn by the groom, and it is customary for the groom to spend extravagantly on an elegant sherwani that fits him perfectly. On the other hand, the kurta pajama is worn for a more casual comfortable look on any other occasion.

Designers of traditional Indian clothing understand that men have the right to dress fashionably, too. Hence, you can find men’s kurta pajama and sherwani designed to make the most fashion savvy men look up to date and stylish on their wedding or on a normal basis. Modern cotton kurta pajamas can be made with embroidery for a more trendy look, while designer sherwanis can be made of cotton and silk for a comfortable feel that does not compromise a luxurious look.

Sherwani consists of a kurta and a British frock coat. Designer sherwani is traditionally worn with a traditional mojris and a stole to make the man look more regal. Sherwani looks good on just about any man, especially tall ones. Sherwani can be made in a wide variety of fabrics. Silk and satin are common, but you can have it made with lavish brocade or other fabrics like art dupion and banarasi.

You can find designer sherwani in a wide variety of colors. The combination of the colors cream, beige, or off white with colors like maroon and gold results in a look that is fit for royalty. This way, you can wear a sherwani that is fit for a king or a young prince. Colors like green, blue, rust, navy blue, and orange provide a more modern and contemporary twist to the sherwani.

Kurta pajamas are easy to wear and they are comfortable. Hence, they deliver enough freedom to move. Kurta pajamas consist of a loose knee-length kurta and pajama pants. The kurta usually hits right below the knee. You can find designer kurta in a wide variety of muted and striking colors, from off white and cream to blue, gold, and purple.

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Dazzle Your Groom By Wearing The Right Chaniya Choli

Dazzle Your Groom By Wearing The Right Chaniya Choli
The lehenga is a contemporary alternative to the more traditional saree for brides. A lehenga is composed of three parts: the ghagra or lehenga, which is technically the skirt, the dupatta or the shawl-like piece of cloth that can be draped over the ensemble, and the choli, which is the top. The Chaniya choli is an important part of the bridal Lehenga. It is made to be tight-fitting to flatter the form. Modern and contemporary chaniya choli can be made in different colors, cuts, and styles, as well as in different fabrics. Brides these days have a wide range of choices.

A choli can have long, short, or quarter sleeves, depending on the bride’s preference. Chaniya cholis with sleeves are the most common type of bridal wear. A bride may prefer to wear a short sleeved or sleeveless choli in the summer or during the warmer months. This ensures that she can stay comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony.

When it comes to choosing the right lehenga choli, the fabric is one of the most important factors to consider. It can certainly influence the bride’s decision. Designer lehengas with chaniya cholis are made with luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet, all of which make excellent choices because of their elegance. Brides may choose the appropriate fabric according to the season or her personal taste. Cotton, viscose, and georgette may be used for making a chaniya choli, too, although cotton is least preferred because it does not have a glossy finish that is often expected of a lavish wedding dress.

Indian brides often prefer rich décor and heavy work like intricate embroidery on their choli, so it is common to find heavily decorated designer chaniya choli with plenty of beads and reflective elements that flicker and dazzle under the lights.

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Classical Contemporary Designer Dresses Are the Best Options for Buying Sarees of Great Designs and Colors

Classical Contemporary Designer Dresses Are the Best Options for Buying Sarees of Great Designs and Colors
Sarees are the most elegant and graceful traditional Indian clothing that a woman can wear to flaunt her femininity. A saree is a long strip of unstitched fabric, and it s elegantly draped over the body. Sarees often come with a matching choli or blouse that is stylish and equally elegant and comfortable to wear. Nowadays, it is common to find contemporary designer sarees in various colors and designs online, and you can conveniently buy them so you would have something to wear for a specific occasion. From heavily embroidered fabrics to airy chiffon versions, modern sarees can take you from day to night, making the transition from work to play easy and effortless. Wear it casually with sensible flats in the daytime and then accessorize it with shimmery strappy heeled sandals for all-out evening glam.

Designer sarees can be worn on any occasion, whether it is for a wedding or a celebration. It is always a good idea to invest in sarees that are made in traditional and timeless designs that can outlive the trends. If you prefer a more lavish saree, you can choose Bollywood-inspired designs that can be stylish and trendy all at the same time.

Sarees are also worn for weddings. Lehenga style sarees make excellent bridal wear for women who prefer a more sophisticated look on their wedding day while ensuring that they can still flaunt their culture and tradition through their choice of clothing.

Contemporary designer sarees are elegant and luxurious to the touch. Georgette sarees are designed to be flowy and soft just wearing it can be a sensual experience. Many styles feature bold patterns and prints in different colors to suit your taste. Sarees can also be made in fabrics like raw silk, cotton, chiffon, velvet, and satin. No matter what you choose, a saree will never fail to make you feel feminine and graceful.

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Dhoti Kurta – The Comfortable and A Stylish Outfit For Men

Dhoti is a traditional garment that is worn by men in India. It resembles a skirt when worn due to its structure—a rectangular piece of unstitched fabric that spans 4.5 meters long. Dhoti is wrapped around the legs and waist, then knotted at the waist. The garment is common in many Indian states like Telangana, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh. Dhoti can be worn with a kurta, another kind of traditional Indian clothing for men that resembles long pajamas.

Dhoti kurta has been around for centuries in the form of kurta churidar or the traditional kurta pajama, but it became more popular and stylish with changes in the overall design and the bottom. Dhoti kurta is very comfortable without compromising style. Regular dhoti kurta has an elegant design, yet the fabric is just right for casual days. Designer dhoti kurta is available for weddings and other formal occasions. Brocade and silk are commonly preferred for special and formal occasions.

Contemporary designers are creating fresh dhoti kurta designs for the modern wearer. Designer dhoti kurta combines the ethnic Indian dhoti and a kurta, resulting in one loose and airy ensemble that is both comfortable and opulent. The best dhoti kurta is made of high-quality fabrics like art dupion, dupion jacquard silk, poly dupion, banarasi giccha, brocade, and tuffeta. Designers make sure that dhoti kurta looks sophisticated for the modern gentleman.

Designers like to preserve ethnicity and tradition in their dhoti kurtas. Traditional craftsmanship is still practiced in creation and selection of the fabrics and in the stitching, ensuring that each piece lasts a long time. Even contemporary designs and embroidery still reflect traditional culture, as well as the dedication and sincerity of the designers to their profession.

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Choose the Best from the Exquisite Collection of Indian Wedding Sarees And Bridal Lehengas Choli

Indian bridal dresses are beautiful and elegant with their elaborate designs and luxurious fabrics. An exquisite collection of Indian wedding clothing is now available online, and you can browse them at your own pace and choose the right one to wear for your big day. Designer sarees and lehengas choli are among the most popular kinds of Indian dresses for weddings.

Wedding sarees are graceful and feminine. They are specially designed for the occasion, so they appear more elaborate and luxurious, often thicker and heavier than every day versions. A saree is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around your body and draped over the left shoulder, and it is worn with a plain blouse or a petticoat underneath. Sarees are usually five to nine meters long, but they can also be designed to be longer for additional flair and style.

Casual sarees are typically made of lightweight and comfortable fabrics like cotton, but for your wedding, the ideal saree should be an embroidered brocade fabric. Bridal sarees are known to be more elaborate and luxurious. They can have bold prints and lovely patterns that reflect the culture, tradition, and the preference of the bride, but they can also be made with contemporary prints and colors.

A bride who prefers a bolder and traditional look that embraces her ethnicity may prefer to wear a bridal lehengas choli. It is a glamorous and more modern alternative to traditional and elegant sarees. Designers make long ghagra or lehenga bottoms that flare downward to go with a tight-fitting blouse or choli. A matching dupatta finishes the look.

Lehenga is a long, pleated skirt that is usually embroidered or made to be thicker towards the bottom. The traditional lehenga for weddings features fully embroidered details that are specifically designed for the bride.

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Indian Dresses Online – Getting an Indian Traditional Dress Is Now A Matter Of Few Clicks

Indian dresses are not necessarily boring and traditional. They can be trendy and stylish to wear, too. Contemporary designs make them popular even with western women who want to flaunt a unique style. Indian dresses like tunics or the salwar kameez can be worn for any occasion, whether in a casual meet or a semi-formal event. You can browse a wide selection of Indian traditional dresses and purchase them online.

There are stores specializing in selling high-quality and designer Indian dresses online. They make it easy to browse exclusive collections of traditional Indian clothing and contemporary Indo-western clothing that suits your taste and needs. Designer salwar kameez and sarees, tunic tops, and embroidered dresses with elaborate designs can now be purchased conveniently over the internet and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Traditional Indian outfits are preferred for cultural and traditional gatherings and occasions, so they are never truly out of fashion. They are still in demand around the world. Women can easily shop for Indian dresses online and be sure that they are getting high-quality traditional clothing that is made of high-quality fabric, sequins, embroidery work, gemstones, jewels, and zari. Those factors make Indian dresses look and feel opulent, so the wearer can look stunning and luxurious.

If you want to buy Indian dresses online, be sure to choose a reputable shop that offers free shipping within India for more savings. If you live overseas, look for an online store that ships to all countries, including the UK, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, and Canada. Choose to buy from an online store with a secure checkout process that can protect your privacy and credit card details.

It is easy to browse through a wide range of Indian dresses online. The best online stores that sell Indian apparel have user-friendly websites with categorized products, so you can easily find what you need in every color, style, design, or fabric.

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Wedding Sherwani — How to Make the Right Choice?

Gold Silk Brocade Designer Sherwani (NMK-1902)Just like the bride’s wedding dress, groom’s wedding attire needs to be paid equal attention. Despite other preparation of your wedding, don’t miss to take out time for selecting the right wedding dress. If you are looking for an elite outfit, wedding sherwani can be a perfect choice. Designer sherwani is a must buy for a groom to be.

Sherwanis are the top choice among Indian bridegrooms. Selecting the right sherwani is of critical importance. For this, there are many important considerations that need to be made. Let’s take a look.

  1. An important aspect to consider when picking a wedding sherwani for you is the material. Wedding sherwani looks elite when made from silk, brocade and other high end fabrics. Don’t compromise with the fabric of the sherwani as it has to be worn for long hours. If the fabric is low quality, it will make your sherwani look nothing less than pathetic.
  2. Wedding outfits are designed so luxuriously that it gets impossible to wear them after the marriage. So choose a sherwani that gives a rich look along with being classy and a comfortable feel so that it can be worn in future on other occasions.
  3. Another important factor to consider while shopping for a wedding sherwani is the budget. Make sure that you stick to the budget you have decided and that you are getting the optimum dress that’s worth the price.
  4. If you are opting for elaborate designs, make sure to choose a cut that flatters you. You also need to check if the outfit complements with that of the bride’s dress.

These are some handy tips that will help you in making the right choice. If you are planning to buy men’s sherwani for your wedding day, check out our exclusive collection. You can choose from the different styles and colors and pick the one that best suits your personality.

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Accessories That Go Well with a Wedding Sherwani

Indian weddings are popular all over the world for their grandeur and glitter. Along with the bride, the groom also has to look his best on their wedding day. Brides generally prefer wearing a lehenga on their big day and the most obvious choice for a groom’s wedding attire is a sherwani.

Green Antique 2 Toned Giccha Silk Designer Sherwani (NMK-1905)

Although, simply wearing a sherwani is not enough, you need to team it up with various accessories to complete your look. Some of the essential elements to complement a groom’s wedding attire are:

  • Team up your sherwani with mojaris to get a complete traditional look. You can choose from a variety of colours as well as stone and beads embellishments. If you want to go for a simpler look, buy a golden or a silver mojari with resham work on it.
  • A sherwani looks incomplete without a glittering brooch on it. Go for a simple sherwani with little embellishments and pin up a sparkling brooch to enhance its look. You can choose from a pearl or a platinum brooch to get a classy look or go with the traditional gemstone studded brooch.
  • A turban is an essential in a groom’s shopping list. It accentuates the look of the groom. Grooms generally choose a turban which matches well with their sherwani. You can even jazz up your turban by adding a kalgi for a royal look.
  • To attain a royal look for your wedding, you can accessorize your sherwani with a pearl necklace. The layered pearl necklace gives you the desired Maharaja look.

If an Indian wedding sherwani is carefully teamed up with the right accessories, it is the most appropriate attire to be worn by the groom. Make sure you choose a sherwani that has a rich & heavy look, but at the same time is comfortable enough to be worn at later events as well.



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